A Creative Displacement Of Ashes

  • Sodium carbonate

    Sodium carbonate MP3

    Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid (soluble in water). It most commonly ...
  • Volcano Still 3D AE test

    Volcano Still 3D AE test MP3

    I learned most of these skills from Video Copilot, I took a volcano still image and made it 3D with ashes and everything, if you would like to learn how to do this ...

    Tags: volcano, 3d, still, image, video, copliot, how, to, entertainment, cash, prouductions, cashProuductions, thank, you, for, watching, and, subscribe

  • Pigments of the Imagination

    Pigments of the Imagination MP3

    Tags: Ani, animation, experimental, short, film, art, paint, glass, College, for, Creative, Studies, CCS, Pigments, Imagination

  • cool experimental thing... lol

    cool experimental thing... lol MP3

    Director- saurabh yadav;; actors- Vishal Srivastava and GAurav awasthi;; camera- nokia 6300(2 mp);; local- SNA toilet Lucknow;; date- 19 june, 2008;; special ...

    Tags: toilet, fun, lol, joke, funny, cool

  • Craig Atkins - Conceptual Fine Art Photographer

    Craig Atkins - Conceptual Fine Art Photographer MP3

    Craig Atkins is a storyteller and photographer based in Nottingham-UK, who blends modern photography with 16th century art to create painterly and romantic ...

    Tags: art, painterly, photography, Fine Art (Industry)

  • Space Engineers - Redirecting Angular and Linear Motion

    Space Engineers - Redirecting Angular and Linear Motion MP3

    In this video I demonstrate multiple crank and piston configurations that change the direction of motion, Hopefully these designs aid you in your future builds.

    Tags: Space Engineers, Space, Engineers, Engineering (Industry), Mechanical Engineering (Professional Field), Mechnics, Rotor, Motor, Linear Motion, Reciprocating, Engine, Steam

  • C4D T4D LargeScaleSmoke T9_B

    C4D T4D LargeScaleSmoke T9_B MP3

    Sim Time = about 6.5 hours Cell Size = 18cm Cache on disk = 56GB (uncompressed, only one channel cached) Tiny red figure on right side = 175 high, human ...

    Tags: pyroclastic, cloud, Ashes, smoke, steam, dust, T4D, TFD, Simulation, Fluidsimulation, fluid, large, scale, navier, stokes, animated, CG, DS, C4D, Cinema, 4D, Cinema4D, Maxon, animation, rendered, Intel, Xeon, X5650

  • FIRST AID - no story (promo MV)

    FIRST AID - no story (promo MV) MP3

    release date: 2011. 02. 16 (in Korea), 2011. 02. 18 (in the world) http://www.egopolis.net http://facebook.com/1stlolaid MV directed by VJ SIM & FIRST AID...

    Tags: egopolis, electronica, drum and bass, dnb, guitar, meditation, mv, korea, korean, drum bass, dub, dubstep GH1, PANASONIC, LUMIX, 24P, 60P, SLOW, MOTION, 5D, MARK2, RED, ONE

  • Julio Salgado and Favianna Rodriguez - CultureStrike 2012

    Julio Salgado and Favianna Rodriguez - CultureStrike 2012 MP3

    DREAMer and UndocuQueer Julio Salgado talks with CultureStrike coordinator Favianna Rodriguez about coming out of the closet twice -- once as gay, and ...

    Tags: 112118876

  • Stock Footage Looping Dark Highly Textured Oceans

    Stock Footage Looping Dark Highly Textured Oceans MP3

    Some looping animation I created for sale available here: http://videohive.net/item/highly-textured-abstract-landscape/9988406 Checkout more of my items at: ...

    Tags: Stock Footage, For Sales, 3D Animation, Videohive, Envato, Motion Graphics, Mograph, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Looping Background, Looping Animation, 3D Background, Looping Background Video, Looping Backgrounds After Effects, drifting redshirt, redshirt, dark, mystery, vj, music video, ocean, textured, high frequency, bump mapping, simulation, ocean sim, stock footage pack, broadcast package, ripples, depth of field, evil, animated loop, cheap stock footage, low cost

  • TreshHold Nature Video

    TreshHold Nature Video MP3

    Tags: TreshHold, skeam, creative, displacement, ludgero, zorro, dem, water, fall, river, nature